Zurich Translation Agency – Officially Recognised Translations from Portuguese for Newcomers from Guinea-Bissau

After a probably somewhat tiring yet surely entertaining and thought-provoking journey from Guinea-Bissau, you have just landed, with your colourful, undoubtedly overstuffed luggage, in Zurich, Switzerland, namely full of hopes for a better, more rewarding life on Swiss soil. Already now you cannot wait to enjoy the coming days, which will not only let you take a first-blush look at the Swiss daily routine and culture, but certainly also require you to complete, as expeditiously as possible, all necessary formalities with various Swiss authorities.

To make sure that your Zurich landing from Guinea-Bissau does not shortly end up in your being stranded in Switzerland, from the very beginning of your Swiss odyssey you definitely need a locally based, professional translation company, which will you reliably and efficiently support on your way to your new existence as a Swiss resident. For even if your language skills are already good enough to read and understand our German, French or Italian website, you still certainly find the names used locally for deeds, documents, administration and immigration procedures, authorities, officers, as well as various typical case handling and processing stages, which, from a purely German, French or Italian language perspective, are innocently called just helvetisms, to be rather odd if not, to be honest, a little overblown.

As everyone in the world knows, Guinea-Bissau’s official language is Portuguese. In Switzerland, however, there are, instead of a single national language, as many as four official languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh), to which you should add a dozen or so German-based Swiss dialects, which, depending on the canton, quite substantially affect (or sometimes even adulterate) the official Swiss Standard German, which is also called Schweizer Hochdeutsch.

It does not really matter if you move to Zurich, Bern, Basel, St. Gallen, Lucerne or Geneva – you will always need to first rent a house or flat and then sign your lease in German, French or Italian. If you take into consideration that every year we successfully translate thousands of such contracts and agreements for various customers, we are naturally your ideal partner for a correct and true translation of your German, French or Italian lease into Portuguese or at least English, so that you could always stay on top of things as far as your rented Swiss abode is concerned.

Then also comes, of course, your longed-for job. Whether you are a builder, teacher, architect, physician or scientist for a living, you will surely need a Portuguese or English translation of your employment or service contract. Here also we remain, with our superb language assistance and support, at your disposal, as is the case with many other foreign newcomers. Translating employment contracts, CVs, employer’s references, certificates, degrees and other job application documents – this is what we have become sort of specialised in over the many years in which we gathered our credentials and professional expertise to provide you with the best translation quality, either with or without notarised certification.

Not only are we very familiar with the Swiss reality, but also understand the language and culture of the country you are coming from. This is why you can be completely sure that we will always translate your documents perfectly. To live and work in Switzerland as a foreigner, in each case you need to apply for the relevant residence permit. For this purpose, you will surely need an official German, French or Italian translation of your Portuguese papers. Would you like to complete your formalities with the competent Immigration Office or any other cantonal authority quickly and hassle-free? Then it is more than advisable to bet on a thoroughly tried and tested translation provider such as DIALEKTIKUS+. By opting to use our professional and reasonably priced translation services, you can start admiring Switzerland’s magnificent and breath-taking landscapes right away and enjoy your stay here from day one without having to bother about how to get a good translation of your documents.