What do we translate most often and most preferably?

  • Instructions for use, maintenance and installation, user manuals, technical descriptions, datasheets, specifications, product brochures and all manner of technical documentation and deliverables. In addition to technical background, such translations require the translator to know how to correctly use ever-changing technology, and this on a very extensive and consistent basis.
  • Deeds and other legal instruments, powers of attorney, contracts and agreements, general terms and conditions, petitions and complaints, correspondence with government authorities, privacy declarations and other legal disclaimers, expert’s surveys and opinions, reports, extracts from the Commercial Register, etc. As each language region has developed its own legal system beset with unique language peculiarities, the translator has to have a very strong grasp of legalese and fine print.
  • Patient leaflets and packaging labels, clinical findings, reports and surveys, academic treatises, contributions to scientific journals and books as well as user manuals for medicinal devices. For such translation projects, we usually engage practically oriented professionals and academics from the health and pharmaceutical industries.