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Our translations do NEVER need to be reworked or improved. You can use them straight away, yes, even send them directly to the printer. How is it possible? The answer is quite simple: instead of students, sideline jobbers or other aspiring or would-be translators, for years we have been hiring only real translation professionals.

Everyone who learned a foreign language at school perfectly knows that ultimately his or her initial passion and assiduity was not worth doing. Well, to reach native-speaker level, one would have had to exercise even more patience and perseverance. Our translators have devoted practically all their lives to this tough line of work.

Believe us or not but, after 10+ years of day-to-day research into all possible nuances and subtleties of at least two languages, you can actually become a sought-after and acclaimed language expert. From the onset, we have bet on the best talents and the highest translation quality possible.

Accordingly, as soon as you see the first translation job we will do for you, you will be struck by an enormous qualitative edge over other translation providers. We have always been keen on living up to this promise, and it is our utmost ambition.


Apart from majestic peaks and isolated valleys, Switzerland is teeming with an astonishing variety of dialects and languages. Due to immigration from all over the world, the streets of Swiss cities from Geneva to Chur sound as if we all lived in a huge melting pot.

To us translators, however, this brings at once a massive bulk of interesting projects in all possible language combinations to carry out. We work hard and are dedicated to helping you overcome every language barrier or communication bottleneck you may encounter, at least as far as translation of documents and other texts is concerned.

Feel free to rely on our skills and experience!


However global or international we may seem, it is in the canton of Ticino where our translation company, dating back to the mid-1990s, was set up for the first time on Swiss soil. From there we could explore the whole of Romandy and specialise in Ticino’s variant of Italian as well as French as the lingua franca of southwestern Switzerland.

Are you doing business in Ticino? Fancy your amore’s love letter being translated into perfect English or German? Have you bought a rickety rustico and now you do not know what about the papers you have just received from your municipio? Looking for sales leads in French-speaking Romandy? Does your website need to be translated into French or Italian as soon as possible? Feel free to use our translation services. We will certainly help you out.

To us, it is clear that not only disparate vocabulary and syntax make Ticino’s and Italy’s Italian so different. We have hands-on experience with Ticino’s companies, for which we have been translating for years. French, in turn, is the language into which, apart from English of course, we translate most often for our clients in German Switzerland.

In Switzerland we are your ultimate destination for all your French and Italian translation needs.


Our biggest strength is English. Through our branches in London and New York, we give you access to our native speaking English translators so that you could finally say goodbye to Denglish or other failed attempts by German, Austrian or Swiss learners of English.

As you know, British and American English nowadays tend to differ a lot. At Dialektikus+ KlG, you can order either English variant, as is also the case for German (Hochdeutsch) and Swiss Standard German (Schweizer Hochdeutsch).

Our Warsaw branch, in turn, can provide you with premium translations into and from East-European languages such as Polish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Bulgarian and Romanian.

If you happen to live in Switzerland and need a really professional translation, do not think twice: we are the best and the cheapest here.

We are looking forward to your first enquiry to show you the difference!