Notarised translation of your England birth certificate in Zurich

Have you moved to Switzerland from England and are now in need of a notarised translation of your England birth certificate to contract a (new) marriage, to apply for Swiss citizenship, to adopt a child or to recognise a child of your own?

Then we are at your disposal as a genuinely Swiss translation agency.

Along with the marriage certificate, the partnership certificate and the death certificate, the birth certificate, which certifies the birth of a person and is referred to as ‘Geburtsurkunde’ or ‘Geburtsschein’ in Switzerland, is one of the four essential vital status documents issued by the Civil Registry, which is called ‘Zivilstandsamt’ in Switzerland.

When reporting a birth, the Civil Registry, whether in England or in Switzerland, usually needs to be provided with a number of details about the birth to be registered (such as the place, date and time of birth), about the child born (first name or given names and whether the child is male or female) and about the child’s mother and father. Appropriate evidence such as the marriage certificate, the birth certificate and/or the identity card of the person reporting the birth and the person to be registered may be required too.

Instead of the place of birth, the place of origin (the so-called ‘Heimatort’), unknown in other countries, is specified in Switzerland’s official papers or identity cards, which can quite often lead to difficulties when submitting non-Swiss forms or translating documents from other countries.

Would you like to have your England birth certificate translated from English into Standard Swiss German (the so-called Schweizer Hochdeutsch) so that you can complete your civil status formalities in Switzerland quickly, inexpensively and hassle-free? Scan or otherwise take a photo of your England birth certificate and e-mail it to: or by WhatsApp to our phone number: +41 79 821 03 00. In no time you will then receive our non-binding quote. Within a few days the translation along with an enclosed invoice and QR payment slip will be conveniently delivered by priority post to your designated address within Switzerland. The invoice and payment slip will be enclosed with the translation.