Translation of employment references, CVs and training certificates

In the dynamic world of Human Resources, we have been the go-to experts for high-calibre, trusty specialist translations, serving a diverse clientele in Switzerland and abroad for several years. Whether it is finessing employment references, interim reports, internship credentials, training certificates, CVs or employment contracts, we are your steadfast ally. When it is crucial to impeccably translate your academic and professional achievements – be it diplomas, certificates, qualifications, school leavers’ certificates, employment verifications, driving licenses, skill and competency proofs, motivational letters or any other HR-centric documents – into polished English (American or British flavours) or other languages, count on us. Experience swift, reliable and cost-effective services from a seasoned and renowned translation company, dedicated to propelling your career forward.

Every document we handle offers the option for notarial or equivalent official certification. This is not just a stamp; it is a seal of global credibility. Imagine your document – be it a diploma, professional certificate or transcript, translated from German to English or any other language – receiving the golden touch of Swiss-standard notarial certification. This mark of excellence ensures your document’s international recognition and acceptance. Whether navigating the intricate pathways of immigration laws or crossing off other bureaucratic checkboxes in Switzerland or beyond, this certification could be your golden key to unlocking new opportunities with ease and confidence.

When your journey takes you across borders, trust us to not only translate but also empower your documents with an apostille, the ultimate stamp of authenticity recognised by governments and consulates worldwide.

Embarking on a career adventure in the English-speaking realm? Let us be your linguistic bridge. We specialise in swift, dependable, and cost-effective translations of all your essential documents. Wherever in the world you find yourself, rest assured, our translation services will reach you, bringing clarity and global compliance to your professional journey.