Chemical Translations

At the pulsating core of our translation agency, where the world of chemistry and the intricate dance of pharmaceuticals entwine, each word is tenderly crafted and balanced with the precision of a gold scale. We are not just translators; we are custodians of quality, architects of language, dedicated to elevating every project to a masterpiece of clarity and excellence. Our esteemed clientele revel in a symphony of outstanding service and unrivaled customer satisfaction.

Embark on a journey with us through the Swiss hallmark of pharmaceutical production, glide over the meticulous product safety data sheets required in the daring transport of hazardous materials and bask in the glow of scientific discoveries published by the world’s leading Swiss and international chemists and scientists. Our palette of expert translations, offered at a price that respects your budget, is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Whether you are nestled in the historic streets of Zurich, strolling along the Rhine in Basel, embracing the heritage of Bern, admiring Lucerne’s scenic beauty or located anywhere across the globe, our services are a beacon of expertise and support, ready to illuminate your path in the world of chemistry and beyond.

In the dynamic realm of chemical and pharmaceutical translation, we weave words with finesse and precision, transforming documents, reports, specifications and scholarly articles. Our journey has been rich and extensive, especially in the linguistic dance between German and English. We have crafted linguistic bridges for a kaleidoscope of clients from the quaint valleys of Switzerland to the bustling streets of Germany, the historic landscapes of Austria, the regal corners of the United Kingdom, the diverse expanses of the USA, Canada, Australia and the vibrant heart of South Africa. Our tapestry of clients spans from colossal pharmaceutical empires to artisanal drug makers, legendary chemical factories, mighty oil refineries, deep mines, cutting-edge chemical and medical labs to the intellectuals of world-renowned universities.

Through these myriad collaborations, we have become maestros of document translation, a skill essential for the intricate processes of patenting, certifying and promoting chemical and pharmaceutical marvels across the globe and within the Swiss cantons. Our expertise is not just in translating words, but in capturing the essence of innovation and precision that drives this vibrant industry.